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Things to keep in mind while developing a website

Find the objective of your website :-

Building a website is a easiest thing that can help you to show your product /services to millions of people via internet. It will also help you to grow your business and revenue. now a days everyone wanted to save his/her time and money on shopping or in finding any kind of services.

Analysis and investigate on your competitor :-

Always ready to face a competitor take a note on other websites in your filed what they are doing what attracts you in them and try to find out their weakness & strength as well. This will help you to provide better services to your customers. Always think as user perspective and try to solve his/her query.

Distinguish your target audience

Finding out the right target audience is always helpful in business growth think about your product/service and then develop your website accordingly your theme, design, content, usability, this things come later in short, everything revolves around your.

Choose your domain name wisely:-

Your domain is going to be your identity on internet so try to pick something that's short , eye-catching and easy to remember and it should also be able to define your business one should get a idea about your product/service from domain name itself.

Illustrate your design and layout :-

As soon as you done with your research you"ll get the hint of the design style you want to go for. Start sketching out the few drawing which will come together on a page . Make sure that design grabs the attentions of visitors and also try to put as much information as you can via image,graphic or may be a short video.

Keep your site concise to grab the attention of visitor's:

Keep the content of your web-site relevant to your business . Don't add big words and rambling of paragraphs. Tell the visitors what going to excite about your work. How many pages do you need to create to do this effectively.

SEO(Search Engine Optimization):-

Search engine Optimization is vital part when it comes to attracting people to your website Puting the right keywords or search terms that your audience will type into Google. In the meantime, Google Adwords is a great tool for researching keywords in your subject area.

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Rubel Hossen Reply

Graphic Designer

Hey Nicely Written blog,helped me alot to start a business got a great idea with this blog.have some query regarding my business will you help me in that.

Romana Nasrin Reply

Graphic Designer

Thanks For your comment Rubel, i always like to write blog which help other to understand a business.i would love to help you please write me an email on connect@blizzking.com.

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